Greg Hardy was allowed to use an inhaler in his fight vs. Ben Sosoli on Friday and now his win has been changed to a no-contest.

Between the second and third rounds, Hardy asked for his inhaler and no one stepped in and stopped him.

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ESPN commentators pointed out he shouldn’t have even been allowed to have the inhaler inside the Octagon, but somehow it was there and he used it.

The UFC’s vice president of regulatory affairs Marc Ratner told the broadcast “that is against all of the rules.”

Hardy, who needs the inhaler to treat his asthma, originally won the fight 29-28. 

According to the broadcast, he was told by a commissioner he could use his inhaler at the time, but that has been overruled in post.

In actuality what happened was an inspector said it was OK but he did not have authority to do so, according to Ratner.

Hardy’s record now moves to 5-1 with one no-contest.

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