5 things WWE fans will never understand about Vince McMahon


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16 Jul 2019, 20:49 IST

A more polarising figure than we think
A more polarising figure than we think

Vince McMahon is obviously the single most important person in the pro wrestling business. For the last few decades, he has essentially monopolised the pro wrestling industry, minus a few string of years where competition existed.

Today, wrestling fans know more than ever about the product and all the backstage happenings. As a result, we tend to take for granted the professionals who are running it and act as though we know it all, when in reality, we don’t know anything close to what we should.

Vince McMahon is obviously one person who has been subject to a lot of criticism, particularly in 2019 when the WWE product went on a downward slope. You always hear criticism about him being “out of touch” and him being the reason behind a poor WWE product.

It is true that he has a final say, but we shouldn’t pretend like we understand Vince McMahon and the way he works and why he does what he does. Here are a few things that we as WWE fans will never fully understand about him.

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#5. He’s the hardest working person in the world

Is there a man on the planet who works harder than him?
Is there a man on the planet who works harder than him?

One thing that WWE fans need to understand is that Vince McMahon doesn’t really view WWE as “work”. He is constantly working and gets a few hours of sleep a day at most, but that’s simply the way he operates.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts and many others have stated that there isn’t a single man in the world who works harder than McMahon does. To achieve that level of success that he has while still maintaining that physical shape requires an insane amount of work that the average person is simply not capable of.

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