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31 Aug 2019, 09:30 IST


Former WWE Superstar Batista isn’t particularly thrilled with WWE SmackDown‘s new commercial that the company’s official Twitter handle recently posted. Batista posted a response to the tweet, indicating that he is upset at WWE for not including him in the commercial.

Batista’s legendary career

Batista made his way up to the WWE’s main roster as a part of the legendary rookie class of 2002, which also included the likes of Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and John Cena. The Animal was initially paired up with D-Von Dudley, but soon turned on him and went his own way. Soon after, Batista joined Triple H’s Evolution alongside Randy Orton and Ric Flair, running roughshod on the Raw roster for around two years.

After he was drafted to SmackDown in the 2005 WWE Draft, Batista turned into one of the biggest stars on the blue show and had a rivalry for the ages with The Undertaker, which kicked off at WrestleMania 23 in a World title match. SmackDown was home to Batista for a long time, before he switched back to Raw. Last year, Batista was unhappy about not being invited to the SmackDown 1000 special episode, but was later featured on the show in Evolution’s big reunion.

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Batista is unhappy over SmackDown commercial exclusion

Recently, WWE hyped up SmackDown Live’s upcoming move to FOX with a video package that features some of the biggest Superstars in the show’s history. Interestingly, Batista is nowhere to be seen in the clip, and The Animal isn’t happy with it one bit. He posted a response to the tweet and slammed WWE for not respecting him. Here’s Batista’s reply to WWE’s tweet:

Fans are rallying behind The Animal on this one, as Batista was an integral part of SmackDown for years on end.

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