Community Steps up to Help Erie Florist Affected by Supply Shortage


As Erie businesses deal with shipping delays and shortages, the community is stepping up to help.

Erie News Now recently told you about a supply shortage that was affecting flower shops, making it hard to get items like flowers, ribbons and vases.

When Erie florist Gary Maas, who owns Gary's Flower Shoppe, started feeling the pinch, he reached out to customers on Facebook and asked them to drop off unused vases.

In less than a month, he has collected nearly a thousand of them. It's helping him stay in the business while showing the selflessness that makes the Erie community so special.

"Erie has got the heart of gold," said Maas. "Any time there's a problem or anything like this, they always step up to the plate. God bless his soul."

Maas said not only does he get the vases he needs, but as an added bonus, he gets to meet people - be it longtime customers dropping off vases or people he has never met simply helping a neighbor in need.