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The club had been in stark health for months, with its first six games this season cancelled since August. But news broke on Tuesday that the historic club had been booted out of the professional league system and ceased to be a team. Bury FC had been in the football league system for 125 years.

However, due to financial issues the EFL stepped in to close the club.

There was hope that the club may be saved by another owner.

But despite a last ditch to save the club, new ownership wasn’t found in time.

Taking to Twitter, Dan shared the BBC’s breaking news tweet about the development.

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He wrote: “Gone after 125 years of membership.

“Sad & brutal.”

His post sparked a huge debate about football generally.

Some condemned the EFL for not stepping in sooner and allowing the century-old club to be consigned to the history books.

Others blamed the huge amounts of money now floating around the professional game, which adds pressure to teams lower down the footballing hierarchy.

One wrote: “That’s the reality of professional sport.

“These clubs are just business opportunities for people with money.

“If they don’t perform they don’t have value.”

Another said: “Really sad, EFL need to have a long hard look at themselves.”

A third added: “This is terribly sad but is exactly the wake up call football needs.

“It has all got ridiculously stupid with money ruining the game.”

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