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While Mel (played by Tamzin Outhwaite) has suffered a huge loss following the death of her son Hunter (Charlie Winters), it looks like she’s found something to keep her busy as she observed the goings-on between Keanu (Danny Walters) and Sharon (Letitia Dean). But Keanu may be left regretting his actions as his slip-up could lead her to completely ruin his life – and even get him killed on EastEnders.

Mel turned up at the Mitchell household in tonight’s episode of the BBC soap bringing flowers for Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden).

The young man had just returned home from hospital after almost being killed by her son Hunter.

But Mel had other things on her mind as she picked up on some tension in the house that no one else seemed to see.

Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) accidentally ran into expectant mother Sharon, exclaiming: “Sorry Sharon!

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The nurse noted that Sharon was an older mother, and asked if the father was an older parent too.

But Sharon hesitated, obviously knowing that her child’s real dad is far younger than her husband and it didn’t escape Mel’s attention.

Soap boss Kate Oates has teased that Hunter’s death will have a profound effect on Mel.

She explained: “It will skew her perception of the world and what the world owes her and what’s fair and what’s right and maybe she’ll come out of this a more brittle person and that will give us a fair whack of story.”

On top of that, executive producer Jon Sen has teased that she will play a key part in Sharon and Keanu’s relationship.

He said: “And also plays into, obviously it’s another step in the ongoing Sharon/Keanu story which builds a pace.

“Their relationship and Keanu’s investment in Louise and how that plays out here, it’s an important step.”

But if Mel outs the pair, she could be responsible for the huge consequences when Phil Mitchell (Phil Mitchell) finds out.

EastEnders continues Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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