Facebook alert: Is Facebook about to start charging users for its service?


Facebook is by far the largest social media platform in the world.

In fact, as of June 2019 Facebook was said to have a 59.57 percent market share of social network website visits by Statista, showcasing its dominance in this area.

Facebook’s signature slogan on its “Sign Up” page had been “it’s free and always will be” for over ten years.

However, as noted by Business Insider, the social media titan recently changed the tagline on the site to “it’s quick and easy”.

The outlet noted Facebook appeared to make the alteration on August 7.

The social media firm did not publicly discuss the change ahead of time.

It was speculated Mark Zuckerberg’s network may have changed the slogan as a response to an EU directive about data being a form of payment.

Facebook gathers information about its users, to a greater or lesser degree depending on preference, in order to sell targeted adverts.

José Antonio Castillo, a lawyer and digital law expert, recently discussed the matter with Business Insider and was eager to claim Facebook has never been free.

He said: “Facebook is not free nor has it ever been.

“Facebook’s currency was and still is it’s users’ personal data.

“It’s never been free, though, because data is worth a lot of money.”

It is worth noting that in Facebook’s Platform Policy, the social media firm notes in section 7, clause 11, that it does not guarantee its platform will always be free.

The clause reads: “We don’t guarantee that Platform will always be free.”

Business Insider said it asked Facebook why its slogan had changed – however the firm did not immediately respond.

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