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Games with Gold September 2019 selection of free Xbox One games looks set to be announced soon by Major Nelson.

It looks like Friday August 30 will be the date when the new line-up of free Xbox One games for Xbox Live members will be revealed.

Previously Microsoft kept Xbox Live members on their toes by varying up each month the days when they announced upcoming free Xbox One games.

But in the past four months a pattern has emerged for when the new Games with Gold reveal will take place.

Ever since April Microsoft has been revealing new Games with Gold line-ups two days before the new selection of Xbox One free games launched.

If Major Nelson continues this trend then that would put a Games with Gold September 2019 line-up reveal taking place on Friday August 30.

This would be ahead of the new free Xbox One games launching on Sunday September 1.

And ahead of the Games with Gold September 2019 line-up reveal predictions have been made about the next selection of free Xbox One games.

Twinfinite said: “It was too bad the launch of Friday the 13th was plagued with so many problems, because when it actually functions it can be a really fun time with friends that plays like an anxiety-inducing game of hide-and-seek.

“This is not to mention that Friday the 13th has already been offered on PS Plus for free back in October 2018. When a game is offered on PS Plus, there usually is a greater chance it will come to Games with Gold as well (or vice versa).”

They added: “If Friday the 13th doesn’t make it on Games with Gold next month, then expect it sometime very soon. It seems like a no-brainer pick for the subscription based on how Microsoft has worked in the past.”

Twinfinite also predicted that Donut County could be another title included in the Games with Gold September 2019 line-up of free Xbox One games.

They said it’s the type of well-received indie game that Microsoft has chosen in the past to feature in Games with Gold line-ups.

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