Joker vs Batman is a tale as old as time. The pair have fought both mentally and physically for decades, with Batman always coming up trumps. But there is one battle which the Joker has finally won, leaving his opponent well and truly behind.

Joker, the new film starring Joaquin Phoenix, has taken the world by storm – breaking box office records and showing the villain in a new light.

Before, he was known to the masses as just a maniacal villain, but now people can see how he ticks and his journey to that point.

In the comics and films alike, Joker always loses to Batman, despite their cat and mouse game continuing over decades of comics, cartoons, TV series and movies.

Now, Joker has won one epic battle, which has been revealed exclusively to by data analysts SEMrush.

When it comes to fans, and who is more keenly in their minds, Joker has won the battle, with far more fans taking to their computers to search around the character.

Joker has seen a 309.45 percent increase in searches since October 2018, with his name receiving an average of 247,000 monthly searches.

This is huge compared to the caped crusader, who has seen just an 82.73 percent increase in searches, sitting at 128,417 average monthly searches.

But they are not the only anti-heroes to be searched for over the past 12 months, with SEMrush revealing the top 10 anti-heroes, ranked by how many people are trying to find out about them.

John Wick had the second highest number of searches, with 140,792 average monthly searches, while Deadpool received 111,083 average monthly searches since October 2018.

Another Marvel anti-hero also received a huge number of average monthly searches – The Punisher – who got around 67,342.

TV stars are hugely popular in the figures as well, with Breaking Bad and El Camino’s Walter White rearing his very bald head.

He received 15,233 average monthly searches, which is massive considering the character was killed off in the finale of Breaking Bad, which saw his searches increase by 123.97 percent over the year.

Other TV stars who feature are Dexter, who received 52,417 average monthly searches, BoJack Horseman, who received 31,183 average monthly searches, and Game of Thrones’ Jaime Lannister with 26,367 average monthly searches.

Controversially, another anti-hero in the list is Jack Sparrow, of Pirates of the Caribbean, who secured an impressive 14,025 average monthly searches – impressive because there has not been a film from that franchise for some time.

Of course, with new films recently released about the Joker, Batman and John Wick, it is no wonder these three topped the table.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum was released earlier this year, and there is already talk about a fourth John Wick as well as a spin-off film, Ballerina, and a spin-off TV series about the hotel featured in the film, The Continental.

Similarly, Joker has had a huge amount of critical and fan acclaim, having been released in cinemas earlier this year.

The Batman just revealed one of its key villains – Catwoman – will be played by Zoe Kravitz, opposite Robert Pattinson in the bat suit.

This film has already caused some controversy when it was revealed Ben Affleck would not play the caped crusader, so with him reported to square up against Jonah Hill as either The Riddler or Penguin, it is no wonder people are search all about him.

Joker is in cinemas now


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