It is now the biggest film of all time after squeaking past Avatar. The majestic Marvel Phase Three finale has been available to download and stream on the usual paid home entertainment platforms. Finally, it is coming to a major new subscription service as one of the jewels in its crown on the day of launch next week. But only in the US, Canada and one small European country.

Disney Plus will be the new streaming home for all things Star Wars, Marvel, Disney Animation and PIXAR.

Until now the big draw for the opening day was the hugely-anticipated Star Wars spin-off series, The Mandalorian.

Disney boss Bob Iger has already confirmed Avengers Endgame would be part of the new package deal, but not the specific day it would hit the service.

Disney Plus (or Disney +) will launch officially in the US, Canada and (slightly randomly) The Netherlands on November 12.


Disney announced access to the streaming platform will cost $6.99 a month for viewers in the US.

Fans can also sign up to the service annually for $69.99 in total.

This means when it comes to the UK, it is expected to cost around £5.69 a month and around £57 a year.

However, it is more likely that the series will be rounded up to around £5.99 a month.

This cost will include access to four simultaneous streams at once as well as 4K streaming for fans to enjoy.

If these costs remain stable, it seems they will be competing with Netflix, which currently costs £5.99 for just the standard plan.

More information on costs is likely to be confirmed when the UK release date is officially announced. will update this article when the official costs of the service are revealed.

Disney Plus launches in the US on November 12 with the UK release set for early next year.


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