As the Carolina Hurricanes executed an impressive 8-2 victory over the Ottawa Senators on Monday, one fan in particular embodied a power move and a mood at the same time.

During a FOX Sports broadcast, a fan noticed that something. . . strange was going on in the background.

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As the anchors discussed the game, the camera zooms back to reveal a Hurricanes fan looking at a friend’s phone and holding an ice cream cone. 

Suddenly, another fan comes from behind and pulls off the greatest heist we’ve seen so far this season, sliding the ice cream cone out of his hand, taking a bite and then sneaking off with it in the stealthiest way possible. With his hand still cupped around what used to be the cone, the first fan noticed his ice cream cone was no longer there and turned, confused.

It looks like a quality ice cream cone — it’s vanilla, so of course it is — and. . . this is pretty relatable, let’s be honest (the thought has crossed our minds at least once if we’re speaking the truth).

Still, it’s not certain whether or not it’s all an act, as was the case when a Montreal Canadiens fan was seen eating mayonnaise out of the tub and sharing it with a friend when the Dallas Stars took on the Habs on Nov. 2.

In that instance, the story took a twist — it turned out to be an act set up by the Stars staff in which they had employees dress up undercover and pull off the stunt in the stands.

From the reaction, boldness and just, well. . . so many questions of the ice cream theft, it’s possible that this could all be a charade in the end.

But hey, if not, that takes guts. You go, Canes fan.

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