Call of Duty Modern Warfare early patch notes have been revealed ahead of the release of a brand new update on the PS4, Xbox One and PCs. The first big Call of Duty Modern Warfare update of 2020 will be going live soon, with the next patch available today on all platforms. Early patch notes have revealed that the biggest change the new Call of Duty update will bring to Modern Warfare is the addition of a new weapon.

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare update for Wednesday January 22 will bring with it a brand new Crossbow weapon.

Infinity Ward’s senior communications manager Ashton Williams said the new Crossbow weapon would be available through a challenge.

Williams added that the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare patch will add five additional loadout slots and fix a player collision bug.

On Tuesday the Infinity Ward senior CM tweeted: “Update tomorrow. Includes the new Crossbow weapon, available through a challenge.

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“You’ll have to complete a marksman rifle related to challenge in order to earn this bad bolt of a weapon”.

The site also reported that a now deleted Activision Blog post revealed the new COD patch will see Aniyah Palace return to Ground War.

It has also been confirmed that Call of Duty Modern Warfare playlist changes will go live with the release of the upcoming COD patch.

The news was revealed by the Infinity Ward Twitter who on Tuesday posted: “No playlist update today – coming tomorrow along with our latest title update! Keep an eye out for patch notes! #ModernWarfare”.

Last week an Infinity Ward Community Update alerted fans to the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare update.

In a post online the Call of Duty Modern Warfare developers also revealed season one of the latest COD game would be extended to February 11.

Infinity Ward said: “We’re extending Season One, which will now end on February 11th. We’ve got new challenges, items, more game modes, new playlists…and of course, a pretty sweet Crossbow that you can earn by completing a challenge in-game, all coming over the next few weeks.

“We’ll also be flipping the switch on 2XP, 2X Weapon XP, and 2X Tier Progression events to help you finish up your Officer Ranks and Tiers, just in time for Season Two!

“Speaking of XP events, live now until Monday, January 20th, hop online and earn all the XP with 2XP and 2X Weapon XP!”

They added: “We’ve also been working on an update that we’re looking to publish to all platforms next week, so be sure to keep an eye out for patch notes!”

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