Nintendo gamers have been given hope that the February 2020 Direct could still yet happen. We are currently in the midst of the longest gap between new Nintendo Direct broadcasts since the Switch launched almost three years ago. The last time the House of Mario held a Nintendo Direct was back in September, with that Direct coming not long after the E3 2019 stream.

In the last Nintendo Direct Animal Crossing New Horizons was unveiled, Terry Bogard was revealed as a Smash DLC character and Overwatch for the Nintendo Switch was announced.

And expectations are high for the next Nintendo Direct, with Ninty possibly saving up some big announcements for it.

The reason fans may be thinking that is this year the release schedule for the Nintendo Switch is looking slightly bare.

Ever since the Switch launch Ninty has each year released plenty of exclusives but that’s not currently the case this year.

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This could be one of the big announcements coming in the next Direct, while leaks could have revealed other games that will be unveiled.

It is believed Nintendo has a new Paper Mario game in the works for the Nintendo Switch as well as two new Metroid games.

These titles starring Samus are separate from Metroid Prime 4, which Switch gamers will also be hoping for an update on in the next Direct.

It is also believed that at least two more Wii U ports are coming to the Nintendo Switch.

While fans are also unclear when Bayonetta 3 and Shin Megami Tensei V will be launching, with release updates hopefully coming in the next Direct.

It has been rumoured that there will be two Nintendo Direct broadcasts being held in February 2020.

These claims were made by leaker Zippo on ResetEra, and were highlighted on Twitter by fellow leaker Sabi.

Sabi is the leaked who correctly revealed tonnes of E3 2019 announcements before they were officially made.

And Sabi also leaked that Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 may miss its planned 2020 release and hinted that Mario Kart 9 would replace it.

In a recent update Sabi has given an update on Nintendo’s Direct plans, and said it is still possible the streams will take place this month.

In a series of tweets Sabi said: “With the lack of a direct reveal today, that leaves just two weeks in Feb. Unless it’s on Friday. Id like to repost something from Era: with two weeks left, there is still a good chance Zippo is right. However if hes wrong, please don’t attack him. He’s a veteran of our community.

“In the future, I’m going to word my tweets better when I spread awareness of leaks from other leakers. I’ve seen people interpret as me saying I have the same info, despite me saying numerous times I’m in the dark about a feb direct myself. I’ll elaborate in the next tweets.

“Back in mid 2019, Zippo sent me support during my E3 leaks. Over time Ive learned that he’s a very respectful person and based on this, I’ve had faith that he isn’t lying about his leaks. I consider him a friend, and hence why I hope people don’t go on attack with him in any case.

“I’ll continue to be optimistic about his leaks going forward, this is just precautionary. As such, I’m going avoid sharing leaks from other leakers in the future and just share MY info with you guys. I take responsibility for bringing awareness to Zippo’s leaks if theyre wrong.

“On this note, regardless of Zippo, I have still heard a Paper Mario is coming this year, Nindies in mid March, and botw2 coming later than expected. These are not exclusive to Zippo’s leaks. Just thought I should clarify one last time.”

It is believed that one of the upcoming Directs will be focused on Animal Crossing, with the other a full-fat proper Direct.

The Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct is rumoured to be taking place on February 20.


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