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Season two of the BAFTA-winning series Killing Eve has already proved to be building on the success of the first, with rave reviews and plenty of twists and turns to keep fans guessing.

But the BBC series hasn’t cut back on the violence and gore either, with the opening showing the aftermath of MI6 agent Eve (played by Sandra Oh) as she believes she’s killed Villanelle (Jodie Comer).

Unfortunately for viewers that wasn’t the most gruesome twist in the episode as Villanelle ended up murdering her new friend and fellow patient in hospital.

After being on the run with a stab wound, Villanelle was finally discovered and taken in for treatment – and while the panicked killer was more concerned with getting free, it didn’t stop her making friends with her next door neighbour Gabriel.

The character had been involved in a car accident and was covered in bandages, including one across his eye.

Gabriel asked Villanelle to tell him the truth of how bad his injuries actually were, and she didn’t hold back.

Upon learning he may not have an eye and his face “looked like a pizza”, Gabriel was so traumatised and upset he mentioned he wished he’d died in the crash.

“Would you want to live like this?” the character asked Villanelle, who promptly considered his question.

“No, I wouldn’t,” she replied, and in one of what seemed to be the most caring moments for her character, Villanelle smiled and gave Gabriel a big hug – before breaking his neck and killing him instantly.

Showing no remorse whatsoever, the serial killer carefully placed the patient lying down in his bed, and went on her merry way.

But while the moment may not have had much of an impact on the killer, viewers were struggling to process.

“Well, that actually made me leave the room #KillingEve,” one person posted on Twitter.

Another said: “B****y hell #KillingEve.”

“Ouch she is brutal even mercy killing that boy #KillingEve,” a third wrote.

While a fourth shared: “Omg I’ve waited so long for this series of #KillingEve and I’m watching it through my fingers.”

“WTF??! #KillingEve,” a fifth simply asked, followed by: “That was distressing, wish I’d seen it coming #KillingEve.”

Another lamented: “Oh Gabriel. I knew that that was going to happen as well… #KillingEve.”

“Wtf…did she really just do that #KillingEve,” one viewer then wondered.

Also in the episode, many were left distracted by Villanelle’s attire after she changed into a boy’s pyjamas for her escape.

The outfit barely fit and was too short on her arms and legs, but viewers were thrilled with the choice.

“I can’t even look as good in my own pyjamas as @jodiecomer does in a 14 year old boy’s! #KillingEve,” one commented.

Another declared: “100 per cent would wear a pair of pjs like Villanelle’s #KillingEve.”

Killing Eve season two is now available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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