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Tonight’s Love Island saw another couple take a nosedive as newcomer Arabella continued to make her feelings known for Danny Williams.

Yewande was furious and after days of struggling to show her feelings it truly was survival of the fittest.

The scientist first decided to make it very clear she was interested in model Danny by sitting on his legs during a conversation with Arabella.

The actress called the move “strange” and “territorial”, but Tommy Fury and Anton Danyluk praised Yewande for taking her confidence to the next level on the ITV2 series. 

But as the night wore on and drinks were flowing in the Spanish villa, Arabella went one step further and tattled to Yewande that Danny had told her he didn’t like his beau’s actions.

Utterly raging, Yewande stormed over to the kitchen and repeatedly told her friends she was “f*****g fuming”.

Equally angry over Arabella’s comments and the fact Danny had seemingly betrayed her, the contestant seemed ready to lose it for the first time in the show.

And now the first look teaser for Sunday night’s episode has shown things could really be about to blow up, as Yewande decides to confront Danny once and for all.

Determined to discover exactly where his head’s at in their budding relationship, Yewande can be seen asking: “What is it that you want from me?”

Unfortunately, Danny seems completely at a loss over how to respond, and will surely see even more viewers turning on him if he fails to make a decision in the next episode.

“Do you know what you want? Because I don’t think you do,” Yewande continues.

Who will Danny decide to purse things with? And can Yewande and Arabella ever mend their broken bridges?

Taking to Twitter, fans were divided over the behaviour of all involved.

“Yewande getting ready to ruin Danny and Arabella’s conversation #LoveIsland,” one person posted.

Another shared: “Yewande needs to let Danny go. He’s not for her 100 per cent. #loveisland.”

“I really feel for Yewande, the girl’s been single for four years, relationships are terrifying when you’re not used to them! Strongly believe that sometimes it takes the fear of losing something to realise it is actually what you want. #LoveIsland,” a third commented.

A fourth said: “People need to stop saying Yewande is acting crazy. I think she handled it so well.. I would’ve decked Arabella #loveisland.”

While a fifth asked: “Apart from talking about Yewande.. What do Danny and Arabella have in common? #LoveIsland.”

Love Island 2019 continues Sunday at 9pm on ITV2.

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