New iPhone 11 release – This update is definitely one Apple fans should ignore


The iPhone leaks and rumours just keep on coming but the latest video that’s just been posted online might be one Apple fans should ignore.

The footage, which has already been viewed over 20,000 times on YouTube, appears to show a real iPhone 11 being unboxed and used in the real world.

During the seven-minute clip, the device is shown off in full and even switched on to reveal a working display and what appears to be a version of Apple’s popular iOS software.

Many of the design features also match up with the current iPhone 11 rumours including the addition of the triple rear camera which is expected to grace the rear case of this new flagship.

It’s thought Apple is finally bringing improved zoom and the ability to shoot images with a wide-angle lens which could be one of its most thrilling new features.

At a glance, this latest footage looks incredibly real with fans even treated to a glimpse of three different colour variants.

However, taking a closer look at the video reveals this is actually a cloned phone that has been created to look just like what is expected next from Apple.

There’s plenty of giveaways to prove this is not the real deal including the huge bezel at the bottom of the screen.

The US technology firm has worked unbelievably hard to minimise this black bar around its display even curving the panel inside the phone so they can get as close to the edge as possible.

Another thing you are unlikely to find on the real iPhone 11 are such slow speeds.

When the user in the clip scrolls through menus and closes apps there’s a noticeable lag which won’t be coming to Apple’s newest device.

The iPhone Xs is already considered to be one of the fastest phones on the market and the next generation is only going to get more impressive.

We can expect plenty more fake devices to appear online before the official launch but, with Apple having such a secure supply chain, the chances of seeing the real thing until launch day is highly unlikely.

Although there’s no official confirmation of what is coming next expect all to revealed in September as this is when Apple always reveals its latest and greatest smartphones.

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