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Tim Lovejoy, 51, made a surprising parenting admission to Sunday Brunch co-host Simon Rimmer, 56, and singer Dodie Clark, 24, this morning. The trio were chatting about toys while preparing a delicious meal in the kitchen when Tim revealed he doesn’t have “any attachments” to particular playthings himself. Tim went on to explain he tried to encourage his children to have the same attitude towards their toys when they were younger. The presenter divulged: “When my kids got too attached to something I used to take the toy off them so they didn’t become attached.”

After the Channel 4 show’s guests started giggling about the startling revelation, Tim took the opportunity to clarify his comment.

The former sports pundit grinned as he said: “Why are you laughing? It’s good so they don’t get attached, is that bad?”

Fortunately, Dodie was quick to support Tim’s parenting trick, as she responded: “That might be genius, I could have done with that, I get very attached to things very easily.”

However, Tim continued to backtrack, adding: “By the way, can I just point out, I didn’t rip the toy off them while they were crying!

“I just saw that they were getting really affectionate with one toy and I thought that’s not healthy.

“So I’d take that toy away and put it away somewhere they’ll go onto another one, which they did.”

He concluded to Simon: “I thought if I kept rotating them round then they wouldn’t be an adult going to bed with a toy.”

Later in the show, Tim intervened when Dodie was tucking into some food on the show and continued chatting at the same time.

Speaking out about the musician’s faux pas, the Channel 4 favourite said: “Don’t speak with your mouth full.”

Realising her mistake, Dodie took the opportunity to apologise to Tim about her lack of etiquette.

Luckily, the TV personality revealed he was “only joking”.

Dodie also shared a selection of unique recipe ideas with Simon and Tim during her appearance on the programme.

She advocated the unusual combination of pairing banana with pesto, which surprised her fellow guests and the presenters.

The star explained: “It’s like when you put sugar on your popcorn, you can’t really go back.

“It’s like that kind of concoction, you know.”

Tim appeared to begin to understand his guest’s bizarre meal idea, as he replied: “Yeah I get it.”

Sunday Brunch airs Sunday at 9.30am on Channel 4.

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